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Deepthi Dastari

Deepthi Dastari

Deepthi Dastari

Lead Data Scientist at Gogo LLC

Lead Data Scientist with a strong background of programming, business acumen and communication skills

Track: Data Mining

Tuesday, April 16, 9:10–10:00am

Diagnosing Device Failures to Propose Appropriate Actions

Gogo is the inflight internet company, whose worldwide inflight Wi-Fi services have made internet and video entertainment a regular part of flying. To provide connectivity on the flight, Gogo installs equipment on the aircraft, which when breaks, is replaced by the maintenance crew and sent to Gogo’s testing facility. Sometimes when this equipment is tested at the test bench, no faults are found with it.

Based on the data (airborne logs) we have access to, we devised a method to identify which devices are truly broken/need replacement and validated it with real-cases by conducting a proof of concept. In the process, we built a fault isolation tree that recommends specific actions to be performed by the field technicians. To put this process into production, we built a cloud based solution that allows the technicians to answer a series of questions based on the data presented to them and presents recommendations based on their selections. Building this solution included identifying several data sources that contains information about different attributes of the tail, setting up a data pipeline in the AWS cloud to build features that were part of the fault isolation tree and creating reports to expose the data. We are also exploring the opportunity of automating this solution by applying machine learning techniques like Bayesian belief networks.