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Ellen Coopersmith

Ellen Coopersmith

Ellen Coopersmith

Founder of Decision Frameworks

Ellen Coopersmith is an expert in decision quality and decision analysis implementation and its practical application in multiple industries. She consults, facilitates and trains organizations across the globe, utilizing her extensive experience in strategy development, scenario planning, decision framing, facilitation and value of information. An engineer by degree from The Colorado School of Mines, Ms. Coopersmith has specialized in decision analysis for the last 25 years. As of 2019, she’s trained over 7,000 professionals while assisting companies with both corporate and project level strategic decisions. Ms. Coopersmith is the president of Decision Frameworks, a decision quality enablement firm providing consulting, training and software around the globe. She was the 2017 – 2018 president of the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP), a published speaker on decision analysis, a Professional Engineer and SDP Fellow.

Track: Decision and Risk Analysis

Tuesday, April 16, 9:10–10:00am

The Art of Decision Framing and Uncertainty Analysis for Clarity of Action

How can we ensure that teams operate at peak efficiency while enabling managers to make high-quality, informed decisions? Powerful ingredients combine to achieve this, Decision Quality, across global industries: decision framing, insightful uncertainty analysis and timely dialogue between decision makers and project teams.

So, what is a decision frame and why is it important? A decision frame is a group’s bounded viewpoint of a decision problem. It’s important because while all projects have their share of issues and complexity, not all issues are created equal. Structured framing achieves clarity and consensus quickly, which is not only important but critical in defining the range of alternatives which should be considered.

Practical uncertainty analysis brings scenario thinking to the evaluation of alternatives, allowing teams to imagine different possible futures, gain insight and brainstorm hybrid solutions to consider. The result is well thought out clarity of action.