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Hunkar Toyoglu

Hunkar Toyoglu

Hunkar Toyoglu

Senior Director, Head of Advanced Analytics Services at Sabre Airline Solutions

Hunkar Toyoglu is leading the Sabre Airline Solutions data science, machine learning and operations research consulting and professional services. His main responsibility is to solve airline problems where there is no readily available solution across a diverse range of domains including pricing and revenue management. He is building proof of concepts and developing innovative customized analytical software solutions to explore novel ideas. He has worked with many airlines globally and delivered software solutions in pricing and revenue management. Prior to joining Sabre, Hunkar led analytics teams for 20 years to translate scientific knowledge into real life applications. Hunkar is the co-chair of AGIFORS Revenue Management and Distribution Study Group. He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering.

Track: Revenue Management & Pricing

Monday, April 15, 3:40–4:30pm

Intelligent Retailing Decision Support – A Bold New Vision for the Industry

Customers today are empowered by internet more than ever. They have new expectations and hence are forcing pricing and revenue management business strategies to be changed. As customers become more demanding, intelligent retailing and decision support is increasingly becoming essential in optimizing revenue in an end-to-end personalized retailing environment. Innovation is required to optimize beyond only the room/seat to include total revenue optimization. Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models to enable smarter retailing decision support could unlock a novel set of insights on the market that companies can leverage to grow revenue and share. Learn how to leverage data inside and outside your organization to augment traditional retailing wisdom with Machine Learning capabilities. Specifically, we will talk about designing recommender systems to find the best items to display from a large list of candidate retail products and to determine their display order based on the customer segments.