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Karla Hernandez

Karla Hernandez

Karla Hernandez

Member of the Analytics Center of Excellence at Western Digital Corporation (WDC)

Dr. Karla Hernandez is a member of the Analytics Center of Excellence at Western Digital Corporation (WDC). Her work focuses on developing and deploying analytics models to optimize all aspects of the WDC supply chain.

Track: Optimization

Tuesday, April 16, 11:30am–12:20pm

Optimizing Product-Site Qualifications in Western Digital’s Supply Network

Western Digital Corporation (WDC) designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of data storage products. Before any of these products can be manufactured, they must first be qualified at one or more manufacturing sites (qualifying a product is a time-consuming process that ensures that a site is capable of manufacturing the product in accordance with all quality requirements). Although expensive, qualifying a product at multiple sites increases the likelihood that 1) demand can be met for a reasonably broad range of demand scenarios while 2) satisfying site capacity constraints and 3) attempting to meet minimum site-utilization targets. This talk describes an optimization algorithm used by WDC to find a balance between minimizing the number of new qualifications required and satisfying objectives 1-3 above. The algorithm begins with a set of existing product-site qualification pairs and proceeds by adding new pairs one at a time in a greedy manner.