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Katherine Rosback

Katherine Rosback

Katherine Rosback

President of Katherine Rosback Enterprises, Inc.

Katherine Rosback specializes in the resolution of complex decisions and technical problem-solving discussions. Her vast experience includes working with executives crafting the new strategic direction, project teams launching new products and services, technology teams developing their portfolio management processes, and global leadership conferences for well over two decades. She is a skilled practioner in the Decision Engineering and Six Sigma processes and has worked extensively with these groups to improve their facilitation skills. Clients include Fortune 100 companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, airline, medical diagnostic, and not-for-profit industries. She has worked in Canada, the UK, Norway, Europe, and China.

A long-time researcher in the science of asking better questions, Katherine excels at widening the group’s perspective of the issues by asking thought-provoking questions that allow for better answers. She is the author of Asking is Better Than Telling, an insightful resource for those wishing to ask the more powerful question.

Track: Decision and Risk Analysis

Tuesday, April 16, 1:50–2:40pm

Enrich Your Data with Better Questions

What if the secret to creating value with analytics is not so much about the analytics you employ, but more about the opportunities you pursue? Too often, organizations pursue opportunities based on their solution du jour, a hammer looking for a nail. In this session, you will learn how to identify and frame opportunities by doing something that is not as easy as it sounds–asking better questions.