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Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire

Program Manager of Cognitive Computing University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Mary McGuire has more than 5 decades of experience in systems analysis and design, starting in the 1960s when she began her career by coding portions of novel mainframe- computer timesharing systems for both CDC and IBM in assembler language while a high school student taking courses at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at New York University in New York City. After completing her Masters degree in Operations Research (minoring in electrical engineering) at the Columbia University School of Engineering, Dr. McGuire moved to Canada in the 1970’s where she advised students, academics and researchers at the University of Calgary on debugging scientific application programs. She also taught computer science, management science and communications theory to both undergraduate and graduate students. On the startup of the university’s arms-length corporation named the Advanced Computing Technology Center (ACTC) in 1983, Dr. McGuire was invited as the first Project Administrator, managing teams of programmers developing operating systems for Control Data (ETA) and Honeywell (Multics) computers, plus communications networks for NASA (Develcon). In 1989, Dr. McGuire left ACTC to start her own company, BEXX Systems Inc., to provide custom software and systems support for Apple computers, where she designed and implemented a variety of systems including a sales optimization system for point-of-sale multimedia ads at HEB supermarkets in Texas, as well as participating as director on two Calgary economic development boards. The challenges facing the healthcare industry drew Dr. McGuire to the Texas Medical Center at Houston, where she completed a PhD in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Texas UTHealth in 2011, followed by two years as a CPRIT Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow sponsored by the UT School of Public Health, and 2 years on the Pathology faculty at UTHealth McGovern Medical School. She taught at the University of Houston (Industrial Engineering: optimization and statistics) and at the University of St. Thomas, Houston (computer science) and is a visiting scientist at Rice University’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics. In 2018, Dr. McGuire joined the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where she manages development efforts within the Big Data Program, including a variety of cognitive computing, machine learning and data science projects using Agile methodologies for clinical and business applications.

Track: Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare

Monday, April 15, 1:50–2:40pm

Developing Machine Learning Applications in an Agile Environment

Two years ago, the Big Data Services team in the Institutional Analytics and Informatics group at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), Houston Texas, started using Agile methodology for the development and implementation of machine learning (ML) applications to support both clinical and business needs. Agile methodology offered the flexibility and speed to create the latest analytical approaches that met the increasing demands of stakeholders to consolidate data to support decision-making. In this session, the attendee will learn how 3 major machine learning (ML) projects were developed and implemented in the Agile environment at the University of Texas MD Cancer Center in Houston, TX.