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Michael Watson

Michael Watson

Michael Watson

Partner at Opex Analytics

With a PhD in Industrial Engineering and 20+ years of experience leading global business teams at LogicTools, ILOG and IBM, Mike brings deep analytics and supply chain optimization expertise to Opex Analytics. He pairs technical expertise with a personal approach to helping customers design and implement successful enterprise solutions.

An adjunct professor within the Masters in Engineering Management and Masters in Analytics programs at Northwestern University and the co-author of two books (Managerial Analytics and Supply Chain Network Design) taught in universities around the world, Mike is a recognized leader in the analytics space. At Opex Analytics, he combines scientific methods and AI teaching with a strong business focus to build a culture of openness, learning and real-world action.

Track: Analytics Leadership

Monday, April 15, 3:40–4:30pm

Lessons for Leaders: Reinventing Your Business with AI and OR

In this talk, we will share how the AI mindset is helping top companies transform their businesses using practical examples from a number of industry-leaders. How did we arrive at AI as a term? How are companies implementing artificial intelligence to reduce cost, mitigate risk, automate complex processes, and more? How are successful teams built around AI efforts? How does reinforcement learning work & how can it help leaders make better business decisions and drive better outcomes?

Hear about the future of AI and how companies should be thinking and talking about the term externally as they embark on their AI journey.