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Nishant Nishant

Nishant Nishant

Nishant Nishant

Vice President of Digital Strategy at Avnet

Nishant Nishant is Vice President of Digital Strategy at Avnet. He has more than a decade of experience pioneering strategies for digital transformation and innovation. Most recently, Nishant led the development of ‘Ask Avnet’, the first platform in technology distribution to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise to streamline the online customer experience. He also has a key role directing the development of the Avnet ecosystem, an expansive network comprised of owned companies and partners, which offers a wide range of services that guide customers through each stage of the product lifecycle.

Track: Marketing Analytics

Tuesday, April 16, 9:10–10:00am

Leveraging Chatbot Analytics to Drive Deeper Customer Engagement

‘Ask Avnet’ intelligent agent was conceived to solve two complex business problems. Firstly, how do you connect an ecosystem comprising of different websites without destroying value; and secondly, how do you leverage analytics to provide better customer experience with finite resources. Join Nishant to learn how what began as an idea on a post-it note has morphed into a successful customer service channel powered by continuous analysis of customer interaction data.