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Russell Malz

Russell Malz

Russell Malz

VP of Sales, Americas at Blue Prism

With two decades of leadership experience in data-centric transformation, Russ firmly believes that AI will revolutionize business. The AI transformation will be quick and profound. Committed to leading change with knowledge-orientation and a high state of awareness, Russ delivers value for firms via automation, analytics, and intelligence. At the Big Data Company Acxiom, and the AI pure play Ayasdi, he focused on driving outcome oriented data-driven results via unique analytic models and machine intelligence. As an Executive at Blue Prism, he has worked with dozens of clients to successfully leverage Intelligent Automation to gain competitive advantage.

Track: Emerging Analytics

Monday, April 15, 3:40–4:30pm

Robotic Process Automation

The rate of change of new disruptive technologies continues to accelerate, and the impact of AI and ML will be bigger and much faster than the impact the Internet had on business. While startups can be built from the ground up based on new AI and ML capabilities, established companies face unique challenges when they look to leverage AI and ML offerings to innovate. Nowhere is this more true than in the analytics domain where both skills and task automation are critical for success. In this talk, learn how innovative companies have successfully used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve efficiency, and how the most forward looking companies are accelerating innovation by establishing the right organizational mindset, and leveraging enabling technologies to gain competitive advantage. Working with big data analytics, and AI strategies at Acxiom, Ayasdi, and Blue Prism, Russ Malz has helped dozens of F500 clients establish and accelerate cognitive strategies.