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Stefan Karisch

Stefan E. Karisch

Stefan E. Karisch

Director of Analytics at Boeing Global Services

As director of Analytics, Stefan Karisch is responsible for the development and application of data analytics capabilities to improve decision making across Boeing Global Services and enhance the experience of Boeing customers globally. Stefan began his career in 1998 with Carmen Systems, which was purchased in 2006 by Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary. He has worked in a variety of commercial and technical leadership roles for Carmen Systems, Jeppesen, and Boeing in Gothenburg (Sweden), Montreal (Canada), Denver, and now Seattle. Prior to his career in industry, Stefan held academic positions in Denmark and Austria. In addition, Stefan served as vice president of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), as president of the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS), and as president of the Analytics Society of INFORMS.

Track: Implementing Analytics

Monday, April 15, 1:50–2:40pm

Scaling and Sustaining an Analytics Function

Building an analytics function can be challenging, but there are many helpful sources available for getting started and measuring progress. Once an analytics function is established, scaling to achieve results and impact will require ongoing attention. The real measure of success is whether analytics is embedded into all areas of your company. And once that is accomplished, you will need to be prepared to adapt to a constantly changing environment and continually stay engaged with company leaders to share how your team contributes to your stakeholders’ business objectives. This presentation will review some of the risks and challenges involved in a company’s journey to scale and sustain an analytics function, provide some lessons learned through first-hand experience, and share some thoughts on how to keep analytics relevant in dynamically changing environments.