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Steve Sommer

Steve Sommer

Steve Sommer

Director of Applied Research at Llamasoft
Steve Sommer is a Director of Applied Research at LLamasoft leading the Transportation Optimization and supply chain Simulation research teams. These teams develop algorithms and software to solve some of the most complex supply chain problems businesses face. Over his 10+ year career, Steve has contributed to a wide range of solutions to customer’s supply chain business problems. Some examples are leading development of optimization driven airlift scheduling solutions for the United States Transportation Command, managing the re-architecting supply chain simulation at LLamasoft and managing the core solver implementations at LLamasoft.
Track: Supply Chain

Tuesday, April 16, 1:50–2:40pm

Using Classical Optimization and Advanced Analytics to Solve Supply Chain Problems

LLamasoft will discuss how its Applied Research group combines cutting edge applications of classical operations research techniques with newer advanced analytical techniques to solve a broad spectrum of supply chain business problems. The talk with explore the classical applications within network optimization, vehicle route optimization, inventory optimization, and supply chain simulation to solve detailed supply chain problems at scale. Additionally, it will discuss the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve demand forecasting. Finally, it will touch on the cross section between the classical and analytical techniques and how they can work together to solve more problems.