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Viswanath Srikanth

Viswanath Srikanth

Viswanath Srikanth

Advanced Analytics Manager for Cisco’s Global Marketing Analytics team, Cisco Marketing

Viswanath (Sri) Srikanth is the Advanced Analytics Manager for Cisco’s Global Marketing Analytics team, Cisco Marketing. During his tenure at Cisco he has led data initiatives in understanding and defining Customer Engagement, Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey and more. His work has received multiple industry recognition including the ANNY Award in 2017, ANA Award in 2018 and Highly Commended DRUM Citation in 2018. Prior to joining Cisco, Sri worked at IBM and among other things, chaired the creation of an industry standard for customer data collection at W3C standards organization

Track: Analytics Process

Tuesday, April 16, 1:50–2:40pm

Changing Cisco’s Marketing Behavior through Data Analytics

Moving a 2000-person strong organization’s behavior from one driven by anecdotes, gut instinct and siloed data analysis to an organization that relies on data for planning and ongoing optimization is a multi-year, gut-wrenching exercise in well-grounded, often challenged, Marketing Analytics, supported by unstinting executive sponsorship in driving change. This presentation details the journey of how Data Analytics has transformed Cisco Marketing’s internal culture that has yielded significant growth in Customer Engagement, Marketing Leads and Marketing Sourced Revenue over the last three years. Bringing together a million online customer sessions a day, several dozen conference engagements, ongoing conversations through contact centers and social media, and wrapping all of these into a few key predictive, performance indicators requires depth of skills and perseverance in Data Analytics, Engineering and Process Change before meaningful results emerge. Apply these learnings to your Data Analytics initiatives to drive change and results in your organization, and welcome the new doors that a successful Data Analytics initiative opens for you and your organization.