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Wedad Elmaghraby

Wedad Elmaghraby

Wedad Elmaghraby

Professor of Operations Management and Management Science at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Wedad Elmaghraby is a Professor in the Operations Management and Management Science group at the Smith School. Her current research interests focus on the impact of market structure on the profitability and performance of business-to-business markets. Using both controlled lab experiments and proprietary data from industry collaborators, she has explored market frictions and behavioral factors that influence bidder behavior (how much they bid and when they bid) in secondary market auctions for used/returned electronic merchandise, the role of ambiguity and risk in a retailer’s selection of product assortment in retail settings, and interaction and influence of decision support tools on operations decision of employees using such tools (such as pricing). Her current areas of application include online markets for the fashion sharing economy, online markets for excess inventory, energy markets and the retail sector. Prior to joining the Smith School, she was on the faculty of the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and NYU Stern School of Business in the Operations Management group.
Track: Revenue Management & Pricing

Monday, April 15, 9:10–10:00am

Behavioral Influences in Procurement Auctions and Pricing Decisions

This tutorial will cover research in market design for procurement and competitive bidding, with the emphasis on designing procurement auctions and understanding how human behavior affects their performance. We will then explore how online marketplaces have enlarged the set of market design challenges, and discuss recent research in online Business-to-Business and Business-to Consumer electronics markets, and key insights that are relevant for other market sectors.