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Yianni Gamvros

Yianni Gamvros

Head of Business Development at QC Ware

Yianni is Head of Business Development at QC Ware. QC Ware is building a Data Science Platform for Quantum Computers. Yianni’s main responsibility is to drive new sales, provide customer assurance, and drive strategic and operational marketing activities. Before taking on his role at QC Ware Yianni was part of IBM’s sales leadership covering the data science product portfolio for close to 10 years. He worked on optimization consulting for 3 years at ILOG Inc. before that and holds a PhD in Operations Research from University of Maryland, College Park.

Track: Emerging Analytics

Tuesday, April 16, 9:10–10:00am

Quantum Computing – Why, What, When, How

Why Quantum Computing has the potential to significantly disrupt Business Analytics. When will real-world Business Analytics tasks move from classical computers to quantum computers? What are the use cases that can be addressed by Quantum Computing, in the short and medium term? What are current industry and thought leaders working on today? How do Quantum Computers solve optimization problems?