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Exhibitor Listing

Don’t forget to check out the Technology Workshops on Saturday and Technology Tutorials throughout the conference!

Booth # 50
AIMMS is an innovative technology company with offices in Europe, the US and Asia. Half of the global Fortune top 20 corporations rely on AIMMS because of our unique analytics, modeling and optimization platform that supports both strategic and daily operational challenges such as supply chain optimization, strategic sourcing, pricing, workforce optimization, portfolio optimization and production planning and scheduling.

Booth # 23
When launched in 1995, it was with the mission “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” This goal continues today, but Amazon’s customers are worldwide now, and have grown to include millions of Consumers, Sellers, Content Creators, and Developers & Enterprises. Each of these groups has different needs, and we always work to meet those needs, innovating new solutions to make things easier, faster, better, and more cost-effective.

Booth #29
AMPL Optimization Inc.
900 Sierra Place SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108-3379

773-336-AMPL (773-336-2675)

AMPL is an exceptionally powerful and natural tool for developing and deploying the complex optimization models that arise in diverse business and engineering applications. AMPL’s modeling language lets you formulate problems the way you think of them, while the AMPL interactive development system supports all of the best large-scale solvers to help you find good solutions fast. AMPL also features an integrated scripting language for automating analyses and building iterative optimization schemes; application programming interfaces for embedding your models within enterprise systems; and alternatives for deploying AMPL models as web-based collaborative decision-making tools.

Booth #28
Artelys Corp.
Artelys is a global provider of decision-support solutions through numerical optimization and analytics technologies, with offices in France, United States, Canada and UK.

The organization is particularly active in the energy & environment, logistics & transportation, telecommunications, finance and defense sectors with half of their clients coming from the top French stock market index (CAC 40).

Artelys offers a superior level of expertise to help governments and commercial entities with high qualified consultants. The company also develops and supports a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and robust optimization tools such as Artelys Kalis, FICO Xpress Optimization suite, KNITRO and AMPL. In addition, many of our customers are professional who use the Artelys Crystal suite, a set of user-friendly software dedicated to the optimization of energy and transportation systems.

Artelys offers comprehensive and flexible solutions that range from functional analysis and organizational architecture design to implementation of solutions and operational tools.

Booth #38
Arundo is an analytics company delivering data intensive, business-backed use cases across the oil & gas value chain through their cloud platform. The company’s proprietary “models deployment framework” allows for rapid delivery of machine learning algorithms without the overhead of IT/development, shortening the time-to-value for data science teams. The company is currently servicing multiple IOCs and NOCs, optimizing asset performance and boosting productivity with machine learning. Arundo will share real-world examples from their client base as well as the lessons learned in delivering machine learning in oil & gas.

Booth #52
Bentley University
Bentley University is one of the nation’s leading business schools, dedicated to preparing a new kind of business leader and one with the deep technical skills, the broad global perspective and the high ethical standards required to make a difference in an ever-changing world. Our nationally-ranked, top 10 graduate programs explicitly focus on the transformative power of technology in business, with specializations in areas such as human factors, marketing analytics, and more. That commitment to the future of business includes a Master’s in Business Analytics that prepares graduates for work in business data, and Bentley’s reputation in the Boston and greater New England area means graduates will find their degree worth quite a bit more than the sticker price. With a healthy mix of traditional-aged students and working adults, some with more than 10 years of experience, Bentley gives students a realistic picture of work.

Booth #31
Binghamton University
Binghamton University is proud to offer BS, MS and PhD options in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and an executive health systems program in Manhattan. Learn from award-winning professors in a vibrant and rapidly growing department. Enjoy research opportunities in health systems, data science, supply chain/logistics, smart energy and other disciplines.

Booth #33
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press’ publishing in books and journals combines state-of-the-art content with the highest standards of scholarship, writing and production. Visit our stand to browse new titles, available at a 20% discount, and to pick up sample copies of our journals. Visit our website to find out more about what we do:

Booth #15
COIN-OR Foundation, Inc.
The Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research publishes high quality, free, open-source tools for OR professionals and students, suitable for commercial, educational, and personal use. COIN-OR is the place to go when you need a “white box” for algorithm research and development. COIN-OR is a strategic partner of the INFORMS Computing Society.

Booth #20
Cornell University
Systems Engineering is the process by which we understand a complex need and then develop, test, and deploy elegant and harmonious solutions to meet that need. We have aligned five of the world’s most renowned engineering departments at Cornell University to offer both the on-campus and distance learning MEng degree and our newly rolled PhD. This remarkable combination is at the core of our interdisciplinary approach.

Booth #6
Didi Chuxing
Didi Chuxing is the world’s leading mobile transportation platform. The company offers a full range of mobile tech-based mobility options for nearly 400 million users, including taxi hailing, private car hailing, Hitch (social ride-sharing), DiDi Chauffeur, DiDi Bus, DiDi Minibus, DiDi Car Rental and DiDi Enterprise Solutions. As many as 20 million rides were completed on DiDi’s platform on a daily basis in October 2016, making DiDi the world’s second largest online transaction platform. DiDi acquired Uber China in August 2016.

DiDi is committed to working with communities and partners to solve the world’s transportation, environmental and employment challenges using big data-driven deep-learning algorithms that optimize resource allocation. In 2016, Didi was included in Fortune’s Change the World list, and named one of the World’s 50 Smartest Companies by MIT Technology Review. In 2015, DiDi was named as a Davos Global Growth Company.

Booth #27
Dynamic Ideas LLC
Dynamic Ideas LLC is a publisher of scientific books that have quality and originality in the areas of Operations Research and Applied Mathematics. The key objective of our titles is to “educate the next generation.” Many of our books are currently being used as the main textbook in academic courses in some of the finest universities and research institutions in the world.

Booth #18
Elsevier is a global information analytics company publishing leading journals in OR/MS and Decision Sciences, including European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, and Omega: International Journal of Management Science. Come to the Elsevier booth #18 to find out more, including how to use Elsevier’s researcher centric tools to develop your research. Want to know more now? Visit To find out more about what Elsevier has to offer at INFORMS, go to

Booth #1 & 2
FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Silicon Valley, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 165 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and growth for businesses in financial services, telecommunications, health care, retail, and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in more than 100 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to helping people get credit, to ensuring that millions of airplanes and rental cars are in the right place at the right time. Learn more at

Booth #19
Frontline Systems, Inc
Frontline Systems is democratizing analytics, enabling business analysts and developers to get results quickly with just a browser, spreadsheet, or programming language, instead of expensive enterprise software with steep learning curves. See how easily you can solve optimization, simulation/risk analysis, forecasting and data mining problems — starting for free, and scaling up easily to the largest models, using, Analytic Solver® for desktop Excel, and our RASON® modeling language and REST API. Use our Solver and XLMiner® SDKs for C#, Java, C++, R and Python to create your own analytics applications. Find your fastest path to real analytics results.

Booth #12
The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming and optimization. It consists of a language compiler and a stable of integrated high-performance solvers. GAMS is tailored for complex, large-scale modeling applications, and allows you to build large maintainable models that can be adapted quickly to new situations. Come to our booth to learn more about GAMS or ask for an evaluation license. You can also visit our technology workshop or software demo.

Booth #30
Gurobi Optimization
Gurobi Optimization is dedicated to helping our users succeed with optimization. We provide the leading math programming solvers, offering best-in-class performance as well as a broad array of tools for developing and deploying optimization applications on top of these solvers. We support all of the most popular programming languages, as well as client-server architectures, cloud computing, and distributed optimization. We also provide outstanding, easy-to-reach support and transparent, no-surprises pricing.

Booth #21
Critical business decisions can be made with ease when you know what is likely to happen in the future and how you should respond. IBM is paving the way to the next generation of analytics solutions and platforms by combining descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics with the power of cloud and cognitive insights. These advanced analytics capabilities provide robust, user friendly platforms aimed at helping you solve even the most complex business and research problems. Visit the IBM Advanced Analytics booth to learn more about our family of offerings.

Booth #51
IEOM Society International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Its core purpose is to globally foster critical thinking and its effective utilizations in the field of Industrial Engineering (IE) and Operations Management (OM) by providing means to communicate and network among diversified people motivated by similar interests. IEOM® provides means to communicate and network among people enthused with similar interests through association services, conferences, seminars, workshops, student chapters, professional chapters, journals, certification, awards and recognition across the globe, and illustrative research publications to disseminate the earned knowledge and experience.

Booth #16
The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) is an umbrella organization comprising the national Operations Research societies of over forty five countries from four geographical regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America 

Total membership is over 30,000 persons. IFORS’ mission is to promote Operations Research as an academic discipline and a profession.

Booth #34
Ivey Publishing
Ivey Publishing is the leader in providing business case studies with a global perspective. With over 40,000 products in our library, Ivey Publishing adds more than 400 classroom-tested case studies each year. Virtually all Ivey cases have teaching notes. Clear, concise, and current, Ivey cases are lauded by the academic community as meeting the rigorous demands of management education by responding to the ever changing needs of business and society. Meet with one of our case experts on how to publish with us and how you can integrate world-class cases into your curriculum.

Booth #36
LINDO Systems, Inc
Exceptional ease of use, widest range of capabilities, and flexibility has made LINDO software the tool of choice for thousands of Operations Research professionals across nearly every industry for over 30 years.

LINDO offers a full range of solvers to cover all your optimization needs. The Linear Programming solvers handle million variable/constraint problems fast and reliably. The Quadratic/SOCP/Barrier solver efficiently handles quadratically constrained problems. The Integer solver works fast and reliably with LP, QP and NLP models. The Global NLP solver finds the guaranteed global optimum of non-convex models. The Stochastic Programming solver has a full range of capabilities for planning under uncertainty.
Get all the tools you need to get up and running quickly. LINDO provides a set of versatile intuitive interfaces to suit your modeling preference.

  • What’sBest is an add-in to Excel that you can use to quickly build spreadsheet models that managers can use and understand.
  • LINDO has a full featured modeling language for expressing complex models clearly and concisely, and it has links to Excel and databases that make data handling easy.
  • LINDO API is a callable library that allows you to seamlessly embed the solvers into your own applications.

You can pick the best tool for the job based upon who will build the application, who will use it, and where the data reside. Technical support at LINDO is responsive and thorough – whether you have questions about the software or need some guidance on handling a particular application.

Booth #24
Lumina Decision Systems
Lumina Decision Systems develops innovative software for analytics and decision support, notably the Analytica suite of products, about which PC Week said “Everything that’s wrong with the common spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica.” Lumina also provides training and consulting to help organizations build effective decision tools. Lumina was won the Decision Analysis Practice Award from the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society and Society for Decision Professionals for the year’s best application of decision analysis.

Booth #25
The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools at the world’s educational institutions. Adopted by more than 5000 universities and colleges, MathWorks products accelerate the pace of learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science. MathWorks products also help prepare students for careers in industry worldwide, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development. Application areas include data analytics, mechatronics, communication systems, image processing, computational finance, and computational biology.

Booth #32
MIT Sloan
MIT’s newest and most competitive degree– the Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) program – prepares students for careers that apply and manage modern data science to solve critical business challenges. Launched by MIT Sloan with support and leadership from the MIT Operations Center, this full-time, year-long program is divided into three semesters: fall, spring and summer and includes core coursework in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization, Software Tools, and Probability & Stochastic Models.

The highlight of MIT’s MBAn program is the 7-month Analytics Capstone Project which seeks to provide students will real-world data science challenges. Student teams work closely with companies and faculty advisors to design and deliver a project to host organizations using advanced analytics techniques. For more information about the MIT Master of Business Analytics program, please visit:

MIT Sloan offers a variety of degree programs to help students at all levels advance their careers. From the flagship, two-year MBA program to the intensive, year-long MIT Master of Finance Program, MIT Sloan’s programs empower leaders with the skills and capabilities necessary to solve complex business problems, drive innovation, and improve the world. To view MIT Sloan’s complete program offerings please visit:

Booth #44
NC State University, Industrial & Systems Engineering
The Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at NC State University is among the top ranked programs in the country. The department brings together industry professionals and academic leaders across innovative and cutting edge curriculum including regenerative medicine, health systems and advanced manufacturing.

Booth #10
Optimization Direct Inc.
Optimization Direct Inc., co-founded by Dr. Robert Ashford, a pioneer in the field of optimization, and Dr. Alkis Vazacopoulos, a leader in the industry, markets IBM® ILOG® CPLEX Optimization Studio®, the world’s leading software product for modeling and optimization. CPLEX Optimization Studio solves large-scale optimization problems and enables better business decisions and resulting financial benefits in areas such as supply chain management, operations, healthcare, retail, transportation, logistics and asset management. It has been applied in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, processing, distribution, retailing, transport, finance and investment.

Booth #8
Palisade Corporation
Palisade Corporation is the maker of the market leading risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools® Suite. Virtually all Palisade software adds in to Microsoft Excel, ensuring flexibility, ease-of-use, and broad appeal across a wide range of industry sectors. Free trial downloads at

Booth #26
Princeton Consultants, Inc.
Founded in 1980, Princeton Consultants blends advanced analytics, data science, software development and management consulting to help industry leaders and fast-growing innovators transform performance. Based on our track record of developing and implementing critical operational systems, we review and improve optimization and predictive analytics models through our quality assurance service. We are a member of the INFORMS Roundtable.

Booth #46
Provalis Research
Provalis Research is a leading developer of text analytics software with ground-breaking qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, such as QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software; WordStat, a powerful add-on module for computer assisted content analysis and text mining; and Simstat, an easy yet powerful statistical software. One of the most distinctive features of these tools is their interoperability, allowing researchers to integrate numerical and textual data into a single project file and to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as well as to easily explore relationships between numerical and textual data.

Booth #41
Responsive Learning Technologies
Responsive Learning Technologies provides compelling business simulations to teach Operations Management and Supply Chain Management in a dynamic context and adaptive self-study software to help students prepare for beginning a degree program. Our software has enriched courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels for thousands of students at hundreds of institutions in dozens of countries. Our products are developed with leading scholars, to achieve well-defined learning objectives.

Booth #49
The effective use of analytics is more important than ever for today’s organizations. The most effective analytics are coordinated, and the best and most complete set of coordinated analytic capabilities comes from SAS. Data integration, statistics, data and text mining, econometrics, and forecasting integrate deeply with operations research features like optimization, simulation, and scheduling. SAS helps organizations around the world build analytic models, populate them with relevant data and insights, communicate recommended decisions effectively, and surface these capabilities within accessible, business-oriented interfaces. See how SAS can help you understand the past and present, anticipate the future, and make better decisions.

Booth #48
JMP, a Division of SAS
JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS is the tool of choice for scientists, engineers and other data explorers worldwide. JMP links dynamic data visualization with powerful statistics, in memory and on the desktop. Interactive and visual, JMP reveals insights that raw tables of numbers or static graphs tend to hide. JMP simplifies data access, cleanup and processing, and makes it easy to share results. It includes comprehensive capabilities for:

  • Statistical analysis.
  • Design of experiments.
  • Multivariate analysis.
  • Quality and reliability analysis.
  • Scripting, graphing and charting, and more.

Booth #47
Savitz Consulting
Savitz Research Solutions is a marketing research consultancy who has served leading brands in domestic and global markets for over 30 years. We engage some three hundred of the top market research and management science consultants in the US and beyond. Clients hire us for individual projects as well as by the hour, short term assignment, temp-to-perm and even full time. Join or hire our elite consultants for your next business challenge!

Booth #5
Visit the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM, Booth #5) to check out our new publications, including recent titles in the MOS-SIAM Series on Optimization such as First-Order Methods in Optimization (Beck) and Advances and Trends in Optimization with Engineering Applications (Terlaky et al.), and other bestselling SIAM books, all available at a conference discount. You’ll also find sample issues of SIAM’s renowned journals, including SIOPT, along with information and membership applications for anyone interested in joining SIAM. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of SIAM News for the road.

Booth #53
Simio LLC
Simio Simulation and Scheduling Software is the most advanced solution on the market. With simulation, it is the only software that is fully object oriented with process and objects being defined graphically with no programming. Unlike other scheduling software, Simio allows you to introduce risk into your production schedule with its patented Risk Based Planning and Scheduling. This dual function in Simio not only helps you improve your business performance from a facility design perspective, but also helps you maximize business results by optimizing the use of critical resources and assessing the risk associated with operational decisions.

Booth 39 & 40
Looking to publish your research? Discover Springer’s print and electronic publication services, including open access! Get high‐quality review, maximum readership and rapid distribution. Visit our booth or You can also browse key titles in your field and buy (e)books at discount prices. With Springer you are in good company.

Booth #13
Syncopation Software
Syncopation Software, publisher of DPL and DPMX, has been an innovator in the decision & risk analytic software space since its founding in 2003. Syncopation’s tools, services and solutions are the embodiment of our commitment to holistic decision quality. The Syncopation approach combines best-in-class analytics with a pragmatic mindset that focuses the available resources where they will have the most impact. Whether you face a capital investment strategy decision, an environmental clean-up with multiple attributes, an adversarial problem with multiple, non-aligned decision makers, or an R&D portfolio prioritization — Syncopation has a proven solution backed by solid decision analysis principles that can help you create value.

Booth #35
Tableau Software
Data is everywhere. But it can be hard to make sense of it all. Tableau enables you to easily analyze data, create dashboards and visualizations, and share them with anyone. It’s fast, insightful analytics that work the way you think. Tableau is free for students and instructors worldwide.

Booth #9
Taylor and Francis
Taylor & Francis partners with world-class authors, from leading scientists and researchers, to scholars and professionals operating at the top of their fields. Together, we publish in all areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine sectors. We are one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works.

Booth #11
We are better known as the folks who bring you CNN, HLN, TCM, TNT, TBS, truTV, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Turner Sports and so much more! We create premium content and deliver exceptional experiences to fans whenever and wherever they consume content. These efforts are fueled by data-driven insights and industry-leading technology. From cutting-edge breaking news stories, up-to-the-minute sports coverage, and the characters we grew up loving on to the shows we love today, Turner continues to be the gold standard in first class television programming and a demonstrated leader in digital content. We tell the stories the world wants to hear. Won’t you be a part of our story?

Booth #43
University of Arkansas
The University of Arkansas College of Engineering offers a variety of programs designed to meet a diversity of student needs to include a Master of Science in Engineering Management, a Master of Science in Engineering, a Master of Science in Operations Management, and a Project Management Graduate Certificate.  All programs can be completed entirely online and are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Booth #3
University at Buffalo, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
The Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at UB, ranked among the top 30 programs nationally, offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees, along with a five-year BS + MBA option.  Undergraduate students may select a minor in manufacturing, while an advanced manufacturing certificate is available for grad students.  Graduate degree areas include operations research, production systems, human factors & ergonomics, and data & information fusion.  Our 21 full-time faculty specialize in security and defense applications, health systems, transportation & logistics, and advanced manufacturing & sustainable manufacturing design.

Stop by our booth to learn more about UB, and to test out our virtual reality drone simulator that brings the outside flying experience indoors. 

Booth #37
University of Houston
Ranked among the top 50 best programs in the country, the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering consists of top-performing students and world-class faculty members. UH industrial engineering students are taught by professors who are actively conducting research in the areas of healthcare and medical decision-making, homeland and port security, energy, reliability and maintenance, logistics and transportation, supply chains and manufacturing. The UH Industrial Engineering Department, led by chairman Gino Lim, offers B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering, as well as an innovative B.S./MBA program and accelerated B.S./M.S. program. Graduates of the Industrial Engineering Department can be found optimizing processes, people, machines, energy and information in industry, government and academia across the Houston region and around the world.

Booth #22
Wiley is a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services in areas of research, professional practice, and education. We develop digital education, learning, and assessment and certification tools, partner with societies, and support researchers to communicate discoveries. Our digital content, books, and 1600 online journals build on a 200 year heritage of quality publishing.