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All attendees receive free access to the INFORMS 2017 TutORials in Operations Research online content concurrently with the meeting. Registrants of the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting have online access to the 2017 chapters, written by select presenters, beginning on October 21, 2017. Access this content using the link provided to all attendees by email or, if you are a 2017 member, simply login to INFORMS PubsOnLine.

The TutORials in Operations Research series is published annually by INFORMS as an introduction to emerging and classical subfields of operations research and management science. These chapters are designed to be accessible for all constituents of the INFORMS community, including current students, practitioners, faculty, and researchers. The publication allows readers to keep pace with new developments in the field, and serves as augmenting material for a selection of the tutorial presentations offered at the INFORMS Annual Meetings.


8 – 9:30am

An Introduction to Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming

11am – 12:30pm

Operations Research Approaches for Building Demand Response in a Smart Grid

1:30 – 3pm

Easy Affine Markov Decision Processes: Properties and Applications

4:30 – 6pm

Metabolic Networks and Modern Research Problems in Operations Research


8 – 9:30am

Introduction to Disaggregate Demand Models

11am – 12:30pm

Humanitarian Logistics

1:30 – 3pm

Optimization Methods for Supervised Machine Learning: From Linear Models to Deep Learning

4:40 – 6pm

Markov Decision Processes, AlphaGo, and Monte Carlo Tree Search: Back to the Future


7:30 – 9am

Dynamic Ridesharing

10:30am – 12pm

Quantitative Imaging System for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: An Interdisciplinary Approach

12:15 – 1:45pm

Environmental Policy and Decision Analysis

2 – 3:30pm

Location Models for Emergency Service Applications

4:30 – 6pm

Competition in Multi-Echelon Systems