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[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Agricultural Analytics
Robin Lougee, IBM
Joseph Byrum, Syngenta  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Auctions
Robert Day, University of Connecticut[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Business Model Innovation
Onesun Steve Yoo, University College London[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Daniel H. Wagner Prize Competition
Allen Butler, Daniel H Wagner Associates, Inc.[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Data Envelopment Analysis
Andrew Johnson, Texas A & M University [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Doing Good with Good OR
Chase Rainwater, University of Arkansas
Karen Smilowitz, Northwestern University[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Energy Systems Management
Yongpei Guan, University of Florida
Valerie Thomas, Georgia Tech[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Entertainment Analytics
Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]High Performance Computing
Deepak Rajan, LLNL [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]INFORMS Prize
Julia Morrison, Marriott International[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]INFORMS Career Center
Neil GeismarTexas A&M University  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ] Modeling and Methodologies in Big Data
Jiming Peng , University of Houston  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]New Product Development
Sanjiv Erat, University of California [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Nicholson Student Paper Prize
Maria Mayorga, North Carolina State University
Peter Taylor, University of Melbourne[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]OR-informed Healthcare Policies
Diwaker Gupta, University of Minnesota  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Project Management and Scheduling
Marc Posner, Ohio State University
Nick Hall, Ohio State University  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Risk and Compliance
Akhtarur Siddique, OCC  [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Social Media Analytics
Les Servi, Mitre Corporation [/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]The George B. Dantzig Dissertation Prize
Henri Groenevelt, University of Rochester[/themify_box]

[themify_box style=”#faf8f0″ ]Undergraduate Operations Research Prize
Pavithra Harsha, IBM Research[/themify_box]