Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®)

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®)

We are pleased to offer the CAP® certification exam at this conference. Attendees must apply and be accepted for certification to sit for the exam.  CAP is an early- to mid-career certification analogous to the PMP ® and candidates must meet strict eligibility requirements.

Applications are open now.

Attendees of this conference qualify for a discounted, bundled rate of Conference + Certification. See Registration page or contact INFORMS for more information.

Exam is offered on Wed., Nov. 4 from 6 – 9 pm (post-conference)

Why is INFORMS Offering Certification?

Analytics certification is offered by INFORMS to provide analytics professionals with a means to distinguish themselves and demonstrate to employers, colleagues and the public that they are competent analytics professionals. Those attaining certification will be able to list “CAP®” after their names.

There is considerable market demand among employers for analytics certification. They need help with identifying and developing qualified analytics professionals. INFORMS, as the largest association in the world for those in analytics, operations research and the management sciences and dedicated to advancing the profession, is in the best possible position to offer it.

Why Should I Become Certified?

There are many good reasons to become certified. Certification can advance your career by setting you apart from the competition, enabling you to derive personal satisfaction from accomplishing a key career goal, helping to improve your overall job performance by setting you on a course for continual professional development, and recognizing the investment you have made in your career.

Additional Information

For more information on analytics certification, peruse the certification website and be sure to study the Candidate Handbook.  Contact info@certifiedanalytics.org for more information.