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by Matthew Saltzman on November 11th, 2014

OK I guess I’d better blog or they might take away my ribbon, which would threaten my clear frontrunner status in the max-cardinality badge ribbon competition.

2014-11-10 06.27.39

Of course, the biggest COIN-OR news here is that, on Sunday, a group of us were privileged to accept the Impact Prize on behalf of the COIN-OR community.  We are honored to be so recognized, but we in turn recognize that the impact comes not only from our efforts but from those of contributors, adopters, and believers throughout the OR field, and we thank all of you for your support.  This is a huge next step in our campaign for world domination!

On Monday, the tenth COIN-OR Cup (the most coveted award in computational OR) was awarded to Mehdi Towhidi and Dominique Orban for their work on CyLP, a flexible Python interface to COIN-OR’s linear and mixed-integer programming solvers (CLP, CBC, and CGL).  Unfortunately, the winners were unable to join in the festivities, but they will receive their prize (as usual, a tacky souvenir cup from the conference location filled with COIN-OR chocolate coin swag) in the mail.

In addition, the first ever COIN-OR Distinguished Contribution Award.was presented to Robin Lougee, for all she has done in support of the project over the years.

The reception was held at the Bluestem Brasserie. It was well attended, the food was excellent, and it appeared that a good time was had by all.  Professional optimizers couldn’t have planned better, as we hit the minimum bill amount just as the last couple of tables were finishing up.  Unfortunately, I’m still a bit of a social media tyro, so there are no pictures and we didn’t pull off the human pyramid.  (If anyone does have pictures, please let me know.)

The COIN-OR exhibit booth is still open and we still have enough chocolate coins to implement  QE4, so drop by and nosh.

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