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Three questions to answer when the conference is over

by on November 11th, 2014

It is only Tuesday but folks are starting to depart. By Wednesday evening almost everyone will be in some mode of transportation back to their place of origination. Here are there questions to answer on the plane, train, or automobile on the way home.

1) What just happened?

Do the past few days seem like a blur? Good, now start freeform writing about your experiences. You could start when you arrived and go forward or go in reverse (my personal favorite). Just start writing about presentations, conversations and observations. This is not a trip report, just a vehicle to trigger memories.

2) Who did you meet?

Meeting new people is fun and enriching. Make a simple list of folks by going through business cards, downloading the list from the INFORMS conference app or kick it old school, from your memory.

3) What do I do now?

Did you promise to send your presentation to someone? Perhaps mentioned that you would call to catchup with an old colleague? Do you want to become more involved in a section, society or other INFORMS group? Time to schedule actions in the near future. You don’t want to find yourself at the 2015 Philadelphia conference wondering how a year passed so quickly without taking action.

Answering these three simple questions can greatly enhance your investment of time and resources to attend the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

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