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Time to go!

by Sertalp B Çay on November 12th, 2014

In my previous post, I covered the ways I benefit from the annual meeting. As the conference is coming to an end, I would like to wrap-up the things I would like to say before my flight to home.

Besides preparing my slides, I spent most of my time hanging around to learn more about computational stuff. I attended the COIN-OR’s developer/user lunch and heard a quite interesting discussion. It seems younger generations want to see COIN-OR’s core projects on Github, while the developers thinks that it is easy to keep the things as they are. I chit chat with Ted Ralphs and Marco Lübbecke on the issue, and Prof. Ralphs told me that he find git “too powerful” and explained briefly why such a transition will be painful.

On Monday, I joined another session (MD09) where the researchers from the SAS talked about big data optimization. It was a quite interesting session. Especially Joshua Griffin’s talk was very informative about the application and the literature. Although I am not currently working on big data, I decided to keep watch on studies on this topic.

The most hyped event of the INFORMS to me was the Computing Society Business Meeting. To our disappointment, there were no snacks this time, but the drinks and networking were great. We find an empty stroller next to the drink bar with Paul Rubin, which proves the point that people of computing society like to drink whatever their age are 🙂 Well, we expect some snacks at the next meeting! That was the main reason why human pyramid failed this time. By the way, ICS board encouraged people to record videos about their papers on INFORMS Journal on Computing. We will just have to wait and see if new OR celebrities from the ICS will emerge.

As a side note, our Lehigh University INFORMS Student Chapter got the Cum Laude award at the student award ceremony. I am proud of the chapter and our increasing involvement to the society.

At last but not least, I would like to thank you INFORMS Staff and Annual Meeting Committee for this great meeting. If it weren’t for your efforts, we couldn’t end up having this great experience. I hope to see you all next year at Philadelphia, where we will be the host. Goodbye, until next time!

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