Winter Simulation Conference 2021

Simulation for a Smart World: From Smart Devices to Smart Cities

December 12-15, 2021
JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Arizona

The focus of WSC 2021 is on the design and innovation of smart cities through the use of simulation. Smart devices and sensors offer us an amazing opportunity to create our urban future where cities are safe, environmentally secure, green, and efficient and power, water, transportation work seamlessly towards this goal. This vision relies on significant advancement from simulation both in theory and practice as modelling, experimentation and data analysis needs to come together to tackle various challenges. We invite papers that highlight innovations in both simulation theory and applications, with a specific interest in the use of simulation in smart cities design, implementation, development and vision.


Gerhard Schmitt

Prof Dr, Director of Singapore-‚ÄčETH Centre & Principal Investigator of Big Data Informed Urban Design and Governance


WSC 2021 features a comprehensive program ranging from introductory tutorials to state-of-the-art research and practice. The planned tracks are:

Education and Outreach

  • Introductory Tutorials
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Simulation Education
  • Simulation 101
  • Vendor
  • Professional Development
  • Simulation and Philosophy


  • Analysis Methodology
  • Simulation Optimization
  • Modeling Methodology
  • Agent-based Simulation
  • Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulation
  • Hybrid Simulation


  • Aviation M&A
  • Data Science for Simulation
  • COVID-19 and Epidemiological Simulations
  • Data Farming
  • Environmental and Sustainability Applications
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Logistics, SCM, Transportation
  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Military and National Security Applications
  • MASM
  • Simulation for Smart Cities
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Scientific Applications
  • Using Simulation to Innovate
  • Simulation in Industry 4.0


  • Commercial Case Studies
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Poster

WSC 2021 is sponsored by ACM/SIGSIM, ASA (Technical Co-Sponsor), ASIM (Technical Co-Sponsor), IEEE/SMC (Technical Co-Sponsor), IISE, INFORMS-SIM, NIST (Technical Co-Sponsor), SCS, and ORS (UK, Technical Sponsor).